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Universal Declaration

Is Pope Francis campaigning for married priests ?

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Rome. Rencontre nationale du groupe de prêtres mariés Vocatio. Mauro Castagnaro

France. L'affaire Gréa

BORRAS Alphonse, Quand les prêtres viennent à manquer, Ed. Mediaspaul, 208 pages, 17 €

FORESTIER Luc, Les ministères aujourd'hui, Ed. Salvator, 210 pages, 21 €

El cura debería dejar de ser el eje. La prioridad, el protagonismo retorna a la comunidad. Ramón Alario y Julio Pinillos

CAVAILLÈS Robert, Orgue et clairon, Ed. L'Harmattan, 476 pages, 33 €


The European Federation of Catholic married priests is one of four federations which together make up the International Confederation.  It gathers together the groups of married priests in Western Europe along with their spouses.

There is a twofold perspective :

On the occasion of the INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS in Guadarrama (Madrid) from October 29th till November 1st, 2015, the European Federation of Married Priests published a book on the same theme and under the title Priests in Adult Communities. Information and order on the page "News". Il publie également un "Manifeste" élaboré par les groupes de 15 pays en date de l'Épiphanie 2016.

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