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Universal Declaration

Un tiempo ambiguo pero esperanzador. Ramón Alario

Donne et prete. Un amore irrisolto. Adriana Valerio

Rome. Rencontre nationale du groupe de prêtres mariés Vocatio. Mauro Castagnaro

El cura debería dejar de ser el eje. La prioridad, el protagonismo retorna a la comunidad. Ramón Alario y Julio Pinillos

Espagne. Les 40 ans du MOCEOP : 4-5 novembre 2017 à Guadarrama (Madrid)

DENYS Patrick, Père inconnu, éditions Grasset, Paris, 240 pages.


These stories of priests who have left – or been forced to leave – ministry have been published in the bulletins of our groups or reported orally.  Written in the first person, they are sufficiently different from the data in our other collections as to merit a separate classification.

Eugène Musette (B) Download the PDF [Eugène Musette | fr]

Jean Schobbens (B) Download the PDF [Jean Schobbens | fr]

Franco Barbero (I) Download the PDF [Franco Barbero.pdf | fr]

Anna e Natale di Napoli (I) Download the PDF [Anna e Natale di Napoli.pdf | fr]

Marcela García Llorente (Me) Download the PDF [Marcela Garcia Llorente.pdf | fr]

Andrew Bebb (UK) Download the PDF [Andrew Bebb.pdf | en]

Édouard Mairlot (B) Download the PDF [Edouard Mairlot.pdf | fr]

Charles Chalant (B) Download the PDF [Charles Chalant.pdf | fr]

Ludmila Javorová (CZ) Download the PDF [Ludmila Javorova.pdf | fr]

André Myre (Ca) Download the PDF [Andre Myre.pdf | fr]

François Brassard (Ca) Download the PDF [Francois Brassard.pdf | fr]

Antoine, prêtre de la Mission de France Download the PDF [Antoine.pdf | fr]

Le témoignage de Jean Landry (F) Download the PDF [Landry.pdf | fr]

Pierre et Georgine De Grauw (F) Download the PDF [De Grauw.pdf | fr]

Gilles Brocard. Le père devenu frère Download the PDF [Gilles Brocard.pdf | fr]