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Universal Declaration

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Un tiempo ambiguo pero esperanzador. Ramón Alario

France. Les abandons du ministère inquiètent dans l'église baptiste


The European Federation of Catholic Married Priests (FE) is one of the federations descended from the International Federation of Catholic Married Priests (FIPCM).  This latter enabled the gathering together of married priests and their wives from around the world for more than twenty years.  Its history has been written by Bert Peters and this document is available in French and English.  At the Congress of Atlanta in 1999, then at the General Assembly of Leganes (Madrid) in 2002 the decision was taken to develop towards a structure which was the “Confederation” of continental federations and that restructuring was put into effect at the Wiesbaden Congress of 2005.  There are now actually in existence four federations of married priests: the Latin-American Federation, the Philippines Federation, the European Federation, and the North Atlantic Federation.

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